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Archive Delve – Essex Cemetery, 1988

I saw part of a programme last night which talked about how babies can recognise anything resembling a face almost from birth, but can’t visually recognise anything else until they get many months older. Seems like the ability to identify a face … Continue reading

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You never know quite what you’ll get

I had a print of this, published here previously, that was a bit dark. I thought I’d run it through the 2nd-Pass lith process, just out of interest. This is how I’d ended up printing the image originally (I left … Continue reading

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Old Roses

A contact print of an 8×10 film negative made a month or more ago but only processed this week – the wonders of the latent image! And it proves that my dark slide film holders are light-tight… The variation in tone … Continue reading

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The ‘Druid Stone’ Revisited – 2nd Pass Lith

I was never happy with the prints I made of this negative (detailed here) so thought I would take the worst of two, which was far too dark, and see if I could improve on it with some post-processing.

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New Work – Preliminary Scans

Stourhead_Grove-03a ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 7 Some scans of recent negatives, made prior to conventional printing. The images of Stourhead and Bawdsey were made on Edwin Smith’s Ross Autorange camera, recently refurbished. The image of the flowering … Continue reading

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