This fixer is odourless, which I find a bit disconcerting as I usually rely on the smell to detect whether or not I have any on my hands!
However, it does have the big advantage that it washes out of film and paper very easily.

Water 750 ml
Sodium Thiosulfate 250 g
Sodium Sulfite 15 g
Sodium Metaborate 10 g
Water to make 1000 ml

The Darkroom Cookbook advises:

Use undiluted for either film or paper. Follow development by a 60 second plain water rinse or a minimum five changes of water. Fix films for 3 times the clearing time, or a minimum of 5 minutes, agitating for a full 30 second each minute.
Fix paper for 10 full minutes with occasional agitation.

The capacity of TF-2 is 20 8×10″ prints or films per litre.


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