Although I use many ready-prepared processing solutions, I also mix up quite a few of my own from raw chemicals.

This is partly due to their non-availability as pre-mixed solutions and partly because I’ve always enjoyed cooking and following/amending recipes.

This page is the lead-in to a series of published formulae, indicated in the menu bar above. I may not use all of these, but I put them here for easy reference anyway.

You might also like to check out the Kodak Formulary if you like experimenting with old methods.

Disclaimer: NO chemicals are ‘safe’; the formulae provided here are for reference only. Mix at your own risk and make sure you are fully conversant with the nature of the chemicals involved.
If in doubt, consult the MSDS for each one and handle them with extreme care.


Formulæ — 3 Comments

  1. For a stop bath I just add a schluck of white vinegar to some water. I’ts just acetic acid after all.
    I’m now almost out of Kodak Photoflow. However I suspect it is just the same as the Rinse Aid I put in my dishwasher. Comment?
    I also have some “Liquid Acid Hardener”. Recommended to add to the fixer when fixing film. What is it, and is there an equivalent?


    • I have used white vinegar in days gone by. As you say, it is basically acetic acid so works fine.
      There may be other additives in Rinse Aid but I’ve no doubt it would work as a Photoflo substitute. Experiment with dilution; you probably only need a tiny amount and I’d recommend using distilled water. If over-concentrated you can get streaks, best to air dry rather than use heat.
      Liquid Acid Hardener contains chrome alum (if it’s Kodak) and is rarely needed with modern films as the emulsions are pretty tough. Some Eastern European films may benefit from using hardener but most film fixers contain them anyway. Hardener can prolong washing times. Not recommended for use with print fixers.

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