A Ferricyanide/Iron Blue Toner

For bromide and chlorobromide prints.


Chemical Amount Units
water (125°F/52°C) 750 ml
Potassium Ferricyanide 2 g
Sulfuric Acid (48% conc.)* 4 ml
Cold water to make 1000 ml


Chemical Amount Units
water (125°F/52°C) 750 ml
Ferric Ammonium Citrate 2 g
Sulfuric Acid (48% conc.)* 4 ml
Cold water to make 1000 ml

*Great care is needed in use. Always add acid to water, never water to acid, and wear protective clothing, gloves and eye protection.

Stock solutions last well in stoppered dark or opaque bottles. Working solution does not keep.
Mix equal parts of A & B for use. 800ml will tone approximately 3 to 4 10×12 prints effectively, becoming increasingly cloudy with use.
Toning occurs fairly rapidly, so mixed solution may be diluted 1+1 with distilled water if desired.

Prints need to be slightly lighter than ‘normal’ prior to toning, as the final print tends to get darker.
The white base can take on a light yellow tint during toning with fibre papers; this washes out, but the blue colour also tends to change with prolonged washing, especially if the water is hard (alkaline, higher pH).


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