Sheriff Hutton Castle – ‘Pseudo Lith’

Sheriff Hutton Castle

With traditional lith printing on hold due to lack of facility, I opted to experiment with a digital method using Photoshop.

This image was made with my Fuji GSWII 6x9cm on Kodak Tri-X 120 film, processed in Rodinal 1+50. The scanned negative was run through Photoshop using a method described in this article on the Sleeklens blog.

It’s quite a nice effect, although obviously far removed from the quality and mood obtainable by painstaking traditional lith processing. The Photoshop creation process is quite refined, with the capability of adjusting various components of the final effect after the image has been modified. This allows for lightening/darkening of the shadows, highlights and mid-tones, the colour of each tonal area, and the overall contrast.

For comparison, here is a straight scan of the negative:

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