Neofin Red – Examples

Selection from a couple of rolls of Tri-X, exposed at 400 ISO, processed in Neofin Red for 11 mins at 20°C, agitation is 1 minute initial, then 10 seconds every minute.
The first set are from the my Ensign Autorange camera and show the sharpness and resolution that this lens/film/developer combination can give, bearing in mind that they are scans of the negatives, not prints.

The second samples are from a test roll of Tri-X in my recently acquired Ensign Commando camera. The subjects are quite bland, just taken on a short walk from my house, and the sharpness is lacking somewhat due to the problems I was having with the shutter release failing to work. I had to trip the shutter manually whilst trying to hold the camera steady with one hand…

Processing as above.


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