Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers, 8x10 contact print toned in copper

This is a contact print on Fomatone MG Classic 131 paper from an 8×10 negative made on Adox CHS100 film, developed in PMK.
Subsequently toned in Dassonville F-5 Copper Toner made up from raw chemicals. The formula appears in my ‘Formulae’ section.

This is the first time I’ve tried copper toner and I like the results it gives. The pinkish brown hue is time and paper type-dependent, the Fomatone producing a particularly nice hue after about 2.5 minutes.

There is a bleaching action associated with its use, so the original print needs to be darker than normal in first processing. The original print of this was overexposed and separation in the blacks was not visible.

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