Pevensey Bay Breakwater – 2

Pevensey Bay Breakwater – 2

Pevensey Bay Breakwater – 2, Lith print

Pevensey Bay, Fuji GW690III, Delta 400 in PMK.
Lith print on Fomatone MG Classic 131, LD20 1+19, 30 deg. C, 14 minutes.
The garish colour is typical of this paper in this developer. I’ve tried to match this scan of the print to the original as closely as possible, but will be toning it down slightly in selenium later. There is no toning applied as yet, the colour is simply a result of the very finely divided silver particles produced in creating the image by this technique on this particular paper.

Click to enlarge and see a more representative rendering.

Only two frames were exposed on this visit to Pevensey beach in Sussex, both with the intention of making lith prints. The first appears in the previous post.

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