Spathiphyllum (‘Peace Lily’)

Spathyphillum, on 8x10 sheet film.

(Click to zoom – and then expand to full size by clicking bottom right)

Lying on my bed, looking at this piece of exotica in my room and thinking ‘that could work’. It’s been done a thousand times or more, but not by me.

So this morning I exposed one sheet of film to it. Setup and processing almost identical to the amaryllis, but a larger magnification here, 1.4x, necessitating a longer bellows extension. But not by much, and that’s the beauty of the 14cm Protar, which covers 8×10 with lots of room to spare (for camera movements, if needed) and its short focal length means less extension.

Two flash heads again, fired four times at f50. One was behind the leaf – or, more correctly, spathe – to give it some luminosity. It could have done with more exposure – to allow for the greater magnification – but the negative is still good.

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