Sea Defences, Happisburgh, Norfolk

Sea Defences, Happisburgh, Norfolk

Hasselblad, 40mm Distagon, Ilford Delta 400; Lith Print

Photographed at dawn with a Hasselblad 503CX and 40mm Distagon lens, using Ilford Delta 400 film processed in PMK developer 1+2+100. 10 minutes at 23°C, with agitation every 15 seconds.

Print made on Fomatone 131 Glossy processed in LD-20 1+1+19 for 10 minutes at 30°C with continuous agitation.

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  1. Brian says:

    Excellent further posts, Roy. Don’t want to obsess about technical matters, but two good examples of what can be achieved with 35mm. On all of them the tonal qualitioes are so good that one feels frustrated at having to look at them on screen – this is where the photograph as object can be so important.

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