Nautilus & Companion – 1

Nautilus & Companion - 1

First attempt at this pairing.

Inspired by Edward Weston’s image from 1927:

Image made in 1927

Edward Weston’s image made in 1927

My shells are different, his are more sensuous, but hey…

This was photographed using the Sinar P 8 x10 with a 300mm Symmar-S lens, producing a negative that was about 1:1 in scale. It was lit by two lamps, Bowens flash units, but I decided to just use the tungsten modelling lights rather than fire the units, which would have required multiple flashes with the shutter open.

So, a 30 second exposure at f32 on Adox CHS100 8×10 film, processed in PMK 1+2+100 for 10 minutes @ 22°C
With 8×10 sheet film at roughly £2 a sheet, you try and get the exposure right first time! I based this on a meter reading x 4 to compensate for the bellows extension needed for 1:1, plus another x2 to allow for the fact that the shell needed to be on around Zone 6 or 7 to give the right tonality and also allow the specular highlights to remain in range whilst keeping the background at Zone 1 or below, to give a really deep black.

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