Cromer Cliffs, Norfolk


Cliff top, Cromer

This image, made on 5 x 4 inch sheet film, has been printed using a point-source lamp in the enlarger. This light source, combined with a high-quality enlarging lens, produces extremely sharp prints and is capable of rendering the most detail possible, as this enlargement of a section shows. (NB: Large image file) Note also the speckled appearance of the image, a effect created by the specular light source and condenser system which contributes to the high edge contrast. The enlarger lens must be used at full aperture; exposure is controlled by varying the intensity of the lamp.

The effect is not dissimilar to the sharpening filter in Photoshop, but no digital sharpening has been applied to this image.

Original print made on Agfa Record Rapid Glossy paper, selenium toned.

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