Distilled water is recommended.

Water at 125F/52C750ml
Sodium sulfite40g
Sodium carbonate, monohydrate35g
Potassium bromide2g
Water, to make:1000ml

Without dilution this developer will produce brown/black tones on papers in about 2 mins.
Diluted 1:2, this developer produces brown tones in 4-8mins.
Diluted 1:4, and developing for 8-15mins, produces a red/brown tone.
Diluting 1:6, and developing for 15-25mins, will produce a red tone.
For still warmer tones, add 10g of sodium bicarbonate to each litre of diluted developer.

Reproduced from The Darkroom Cookbook by Steve Anchell

See my less-than-perfect test of this developer on this page.


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