The content of this section is all related to various formulae for Lith developers, some of which I have tried and others I’ve yet to try. It will be updated as new information on their effectiveness, or otherwise, is proven.

One page has been reproduced from the site Melaleuca Photographics, where it still resides in the Formulae section, but has not been updated for many years.
Due to errors in the coding the actual formulae are not visible on the original Melaleuca page (appearing on a black background), so I have taken the liberty of reproducing it in its entirety here with some corrections to the coding to render the formulae visible.

An excellent range of lith developer formulae may also be found on the Unblinking Eye site, including many of those reproduced here.

I have not tested all of these formulae for Lith Printing and their accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Take note of the usual precautions when handling raw chemicals: good ventilation and filtering facemask, latex or nitrile gloves, safety goggles, lab coat or apron – and extreme care!


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