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Kodak D-85 Developer Test — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Roy,
    That all sounds very complicated, the polar opposite to digital snapping, but it’s certainly worth it.
    A beautiful image that makes one look into the subject, feel its history and appreciate the subtlety of vernacular architecture. It’s like a portrait with all the lines of the face telling a story.

  2. This had me flashing back to your piece on the Formulary and recalling my early fascination with various film and paper developers. My experimentation was limited to studying the difference between processing TriX in neat as opposed to 1:1 diluted D76 (the latter easily the winner for it’s acutance at the cost of more grain – it’s what Hemmings used in Blow Up, I bet) but that in no way lessens my appreciation for what you are doing here.

    And your superbly seen and processed picture made the whole thing great reading and your effort worthwhile.

    In the era of digital, a pixel is a pixel is a pixel is a pixel, with apologies to Ms. Stein. The romance in processing alternatives has gone.

    Thank you for a fine memory.

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