Fury, Harlow Town Park


Lith print on Fomatone MG Classic Glossy, toned in selenium and gold

This print is made on Fomatone 131 Glossy from an Ilford Delta 100 negative developed in PMK developer.

It’s a lith print, developed in very dilute LD-20 1+1+50 at 30°C for 20 minutes, then toned in gold followed by selenium. The print started off the typical ‘tango’ orange colour that this paper often exhibits when processed in dilute, old lith developer. Toning in gold and selenium takes away this slightly garish colour. and results in some quite subtle hues.

Although it is difficult to see the subtle colours in this scan, the print ranges from warm browns in the shadows to light blue in the highlights, giving an overal purplish appearance which I quite like.

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